Thread and Batting

Our thread of choice is 40 wt. So Fine! by Superior Threads. We offer this thread at no additional cost to you. We can use variegated or solid 50 wt. So Fine!, King Tut and specialty threads such as metallics. These threads will incur additional cost for quilting.

Superior Thread: So Fine 40 wt.

Our battings of choice are Warm & Natural, Warm & White and Warm Blend.

Warm and Natural Logos

Warm & Natural and Warm & White are 100% cotton, available in 90″ and 124″ widths and are sold by the running inch. Warm & Natural is the color of natural cotton fibers and Warm & White has been bleached to be pure white. Shrinkage is estimated at approximately 3% after the first washing.

These needled cotton battings contain no chemicals, glues, or resins. The company’s new ultra-cleaning process extracts a greater percentage of leaves and stems and their newly refined needle punch technique better distributes the cotton on both sides of the scrim.

Warm Blend is 50% cotton/50% polyester. This batting is available in 90″ and 110″ inch widths and is manufactured using the same technology as their signature brand Warm & Natural. The batting is pure white and shrinkage is less than 1% with the first washing in hot water.

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