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closeupJanuary 2020 – Here is a fun quilt. The owner told me her high school aged grand daughter claimed the quilt when finished to hang on the wall behind her bed. The fabric is all Kaffe Fabric, so fun. It measures 57″ x 71″ and has been quilted using grey color thread with a cowboy boots, hats and stars pattern.

full quilt

final imageJanuary 2020 – The snowman wall hanging at the left was a mystery block of the month at my local quilt store.

The original pattern called for an additional three rows of 2″ squares and a wide double border around. Since I would be hanging this in a specific spot in my house, I eliminated that final row set and the borders.

The little wall hanging is a bit large for the spot it hangs, but who cares. It’s my house and my wall hanging. It will only be here for two months out of the year anyway!


January 2020 – It’s been a while since I posted, but believe me I have been busy quilting just not photographing and posting the work.

IMG_8936Here is a fun quilt 81″ x 81″ with a definite outer space theme. The mariner compass blocks were very well done making the quilting task much easier to do. I used medium gray thread on the top and a darker gray on the back as the back fabric is the universe. The quilting pattern is Victory.

The quilt was made for the owner’s dad.


October 2019 – Another fall quilt using ombre fabrics. The lap sized quilt needed to be quilted quickly so I could get it into the mail. The quilting pattern is maple leaves, perfect for the maple leaf fabrics and thread is gold on the top and brown on the back. The picture isn’t very good. It was taken with my cell phone so I could send it to the owner letting her know the quilting was underway.71245641_10217687095281902_1759554973395320832_n

October 2019 – This time of year brings out quilts for fall and halloween. This fun lap quilt did both. The back fabric is black with gray swirls and because of the amount of black on the front, I chose black batting as well as black thread. The quilt pattern is fall leaves.IMG_8872

September 2019 – This 78″x89″ quilt below is probably the single most beautiful quilt I have yet worked on … and I have worked on several very pretty quilts.
What makes this quilt so beautiful? Not my custom quilting but the detailed appliqué work done by the owner. The 12 – 12″ blocks create a sampler. The layers of fabric make the butterflies and partridges stand out perfectly. The owner used embroidery floss to machine stitch a blanket stitch around each part of the appliqué. Her penny size circles are stitched nearly perfect.
She told me she is new to quilting and this quilt top is the result of a class she took at her local quilt shop in Arkansas.
The owner telephoned from Arkansas explaining she would be arriving in Colorado Springs in a few days to care for her daughter who was having surgery. She would be in town about two-weeks and wanted to know if I could quilt the top for her.
Another detail, in addition to the short time available, the quilt is being made for a grand daughter heading off to college. The grand daughter has Aspergers Syndrome and “texture” is a problem. The quilt must be quilted in more loose patterns to keep it softer to the touch.
I hope I was able to meet the challenge.
I decided to use Pellon’s 50/50 Cotton/Polyester batting to reduce shrinkage as much as possible. The 12 sampler blocks were both computer and hand guided quilted with different patterns. The two borders were hand guided feathers. The inside border with feathers going one direction and the larger outer border the feathers go the opposite direction. Cross-hatching was stitched using rulers to connect the different sampler blocks and the inner border. Lines are two inches apart.

full quilt2

August 2019 – This king sized quilt was fun to quilt. The owner did a great job matching corners and pressing them to not have knots of fabric for the long arm to negotiate. I used a flower pattern called Garden Fairies and used a medium gray thread.




August 2019 – August has been slow as the summer usually is. To the right is a wall hanging created for a family member’s wedding celebration. I loosely quilted a butterfly pattern so as not to stitch over the custom embroidery.




June 2019 – This quilt is a pattern from Antelope Canyon by Laurie Shifrin. I was so pleased to see the quilter used Best Press to make seems smooth and flat.
However, when I got the quilt top on the long arm I discovered a serious problem. Inherent to patterns that create a block by stitching strips around a center block, if seams are not exact, the center of the block grows out of proportion and this quilt top suffered that problem.
Since the quilter used Best Press, and a lot of it, I only needed to spritz the center with water and hover my steam iron above the problem areas to force the fabric to shrink and the huge balloons of fabric go away. In the end, there is only mild fullness at the center of each quadrant where before there was a lot of fullness.
In the end, I think the quilt came out very good.
The quilt measures 100″ x 100″, is quilted with a medium gray thread using a pattern called Curls and Ribbons.

June 2019 – Another lovely quilt made by a dear friend. The quilt measures 82×97 and is intended as an anniversary gift for a treasured cousin. The quilt top is well made and was easy for the long arm to quilt through the many half-square triangles. The photos don’t quite show the lovely blue color as it really is. The back fabric, also blue, appears dull in the photos. Sorry about that. I used a light gray thread on the top and a blue thread on the back.quilt frontfront and back

June 2019 – Finished today, and the last of six rush quilts, is this queen size t-shirt quilt for the first of eight grandchildren. The quilter did a great job piecing the t-shirts and photos together … except for the jeans pockets. I had to stitch around them as the hopping foot of my long arm was NOT going to quilt over the thick pockets. The quilt pattern is Bauhaus.IMG_8795

May 2019 – A neighbor asked me to quickly quilt this lap quilt as it is an anniversary gift to celebrate the marriage of a niece. Part of the blocks were sentiments written to the couple on the day of their marriage and the center is an embroidered reproduction of their wedding invitation.IMG_8794

May 2019 – A San Francisco 49ers fan will be receiving this large size lap quilt from an admiring sister. The fabrics all have the team’s logo. The back is black and so is the batting and quilting thread. The quilt pattern is sports related. The quilt was a rush job so the quilting was done large to get the job done ASAP.49ers

May 2019 – This lovely lap quilt was created for a 16th birthday gift. The birthday girl is a musician and so several of the fabrics depict her favorite musicians and I quilted it with a music theme.


May 2019 – Another fun t-shirt quilt as a high school graduation gift. The quilt top was so well sewn together, it was easy to quilt. This graduate played baseball, football and tennis during his high school years. I used the Bauhaus quilting pattern run loosely. I decided to stop and start the pattern lines around the center square so the stitching would not cross through the faces of the photos. The back includes a center strip of sports novelty fabrics.


May 2019 – Below is a graduation gift pieced by a loving aunt for a beloved nephew. It measures 80″ x 95″. I quilted it with a pattern called Bauhaus using navy blue thread.


April 2019 – I started and finished this lap quilt pictured below today. The lady who made the top made it for a friend going through cancer. Such a thoughtful gift for those chemo therapy sessions. The lap quilt measures 42″ x 56″ and I quilted it in a swirling heart design. The back fabric is very pretty and carries its own message of love, hope and friendship.

cancer frontback

March 2019 – The yellow, gray and black lap quilt below measures 66″x76″. The back is a light gray floral. It is quilted with a swirly edge-to-edge pattern in gray thread.

yellow and gray

March 2019 – This beautiful quilt just came off the long arm. I had to drape it over a bed frame to photograph and still did not get the entire quilt in the picture. It measures 101″ x 101″. I quilted it using a computerized pattern Curls as I thought the circling movement would be great against all the diagonal lines. The quilt pattern is Tranquility put out by Wing and A Prayer Design.


February 2019 – Wow, February already. I have been quilting, just not photographing my work. Sorry, I’ll try to do better. Below is a close-up picture of a fun quilt measuring 70″ x 86″. My friend Sandee pieced the top and asked for a simple edge-2-edge design. This pattern is called Garden Fairies. I used a variegated lavender thread for the sample 1

IMG_8671December 2018 – Tonight I finished the binding on a pair of matching 50″ x 80″ twin size quilts. The quilts were made for a set of twin grand daughters and the only difference between them is the piping along the binding … one is pink and the other turquoise. The quilt pattern is referred to as a string quilt. It was quilted with a fun pattern of bees and butterflies and the back fabric is a multi-colored batik. I did not photograph it, but each quilt has a tiny label that reads “Grandma loves you,” and I know this lady really does love these 7-year-old grand twins.close up

December 2018 – Shown below is a 36″ x 45″ wall hanging. The quilter visited her daughter in Canada this summer where they enjoyed the Northern Lights. She decided to create this wall hanging as a Christmas gift to celebrate their summer visit. I quilted free motion feathers using black thread in the center and used two different variegated threads for the top and bottom fabrics.for website

wall hanging for website

December 2018 – This wall hanging measures 27″ x 76″. The color way of black and white is stunning. All the fabrics are printed with silver ink so I used grey thread for the overall pattern of stars and swirls.











November 2018 – The quilt below is one I have quilted before. The quilt measures 85″ x 105″. As before, I quilted the center with a pattern called Feathered Hearts and then did free motion feathers on the border.IMG_8658

October 2018 – After spending a week doing the custom work on the large quilt, I loaded something that would go faster. This flannel quilt measures 61″ x 78″ and is pieced entirely with flannel, including the pick flannel back. I chose a dark cream thread for the front and a light cream thread for the back. The quilt pattern is a gentle edge-2-edge.IMG_8656

IMG_8653October 2018 – Below and left is a custom quilt measuring 82″ x 82″. Each row, or border, is quilted differently. Rows have free motion feathers, stitch-in-the-ditch, diagonal lines, straight lines, and computerized patterns. Thread colors were changed for each of the rows to let the thread “disappear.” The back fabric, which I forgot to photograph, is a multi-color small print.

The quilt is a “Round Robin.” Several quilters get together and form a Round Robin Group. Each purchases fabric of HER choice and puts it in a box. She also creates the center-most block, also known as the ‘medallion’ center. It must be square and must be 18×18 or 20×20 (numbers divisible by 2 or 4). Then she puts her finished center block in the box and the boxes are traded with the others in the “group.” Each quilter then adds a border, or row, around the center block. The boxes are then traded again and quilters add another border or row. Each quilter designs a border or row of HER choice using the fabrics in the box. Each quilter can, if she want to, add a new coordinating fabric. I have seen a number of Round Robin quilts, some turn out really ugly. This quilt is especially beautiful and was really fun to custom quilt.IMG_8649

July 2018 – Last summer I decided to create quilts for my grandchildren. I worked for a year on five quilts wanting them to be finished by the time my California grands visited this July. I finished the fourth quilt two nights before the family arrived. Quilt #5 will be finished later as it’s future owner is only 9 months old. Sooo, here are the pictures of four of the grands and their quilts.





April 2018 – Below is a wall hanging intended as a 100th birthday gift for a beloved uncle. The wall hanging measures 42″ x 42″ and is waiting for the “yo-yo” cherry blossoms to be added to the tree branch. The border is quilted with blue thread in a pattern resembling 5-pedal cherry blossom flowers. The center is free-motion feathers done in off-white thread. Hopefully, you can see the feathers in the second picture.



March 2018 – Another horse quilt by my friend Joanne. I enjoy these wall hangings she has been stitching for the ladies she rides with. This wall hanging is 55″ wide and 45″ tall. I had a difficult time picking the right color thread. I decided on a medium gray because I did not want that white horse to disappear under the thread. After starting I thought a brown similar to the leaves in the back ground would have been better. Now that I see a photo of the wall hanging, I like the gray.for website

for website 2March 2018 – This lovely quilt is a kit. The fabrics are so perfectly matched. It measures 81″ x 96″. I used a pattern called Feathered Hearts with an off-white thread both top and bottom.


FINAL QUILT 2March 2018 –  I pieced and quilted the pink and gray quilt shown left. It measures 75″ x 95″ and is a Double Irish Chain. I pieced a similar quilt about three years ago, and decided to make another one. This time I did a flanged binding. I really like the thin pink line along the outer edge.

IMG_8342March 2018 –  The last quilt finished this week featured stars hand pieced by the owner’s mother. After the mother’s death, there were found in her sewing things about 40+ pieced stars. The daughter divided the stars among her siblings and began stitching quilts using the hand pieced stars for the block centers and borders of her mother’s fabrics. What a lovely way for the adult children to have a remembrance of their beloved mom. This quilt size is 46″ x 55″. I used a gentle meandering pattern that reminds me of large flowers.



IMG_8336March 2018 – I started and finished the quilting on five quilts this week. Two rather large quilts and three smaller ones. All required an edge-two-edge design. The quilt below is a t-shirt quilt featuring t-shirts from Harley-Davidson stores from Hawaii to Jamaica. I used black thread top and bottom and a design featuring flames. website

IMG_8331March 2018 – This is a lousy picture of the 86″ x 103″ sized quilt that I finished this week. I made a similar quilt for the same quilter in November 2017, but failed to post any pictures of that quilt. My bad. The pieces are large and results in large 24″ squares. In this quilt the quilter used mattress ticking. I liked the ticking, it provided texture. The second picture is the first quilt I finished for the quilter.

turquoise and black

whole quiltMarch 2018 –  The same quilter who pieced the horse quilt below pieced the beautiful queen sized quilt (88″ x 100″). The photos do not do justice to the vibrant colors of the purples and pink in this chrysanthemum patterned fabric. The quilt was a kit purchased online. I used a quilt pattern of Curls and Ribbons . The owner was thrilled when she picked up the finished quilt.


March 2018 – March has been a busy month so far catching up after a bad cold put me behind in my work. This lap size quilt (60″ x 78″) was fun because of the panels. The quilting pattern is called Horse Shoes and Stars. The sewing speed can be increased a bit. Nice for me.for website

for websiteFebruary 2018 – Here it is the 4th day of the new month and I am posting another finished quilt. This bright quilt measures 66″ x 90″ and has brown flannel for the back. I used a simple pattern of horse shoes and stars. The pattered fabric is horse shoes.

pillow shamsFebruary 2018 – The work load has been quite heavy since the first of the year. I even forgot to photograph a couple of quilts (my bad). I did forget to photograph this quilt while it was on the long arm, but set it up this morning so I could show it off. The colors are very bright and pretty. The picture doesn’t seem to do it justice. It’s a large quilt 85″ x 93″ and will have matching pillow shams for the bed. I stitched on the border though the owner will tack it down on the back by hand.quilt for website

basket setslog cabin setsJanuary 2018 – This red and white beauty is one of three quilt tops dropped off in late November. I told the owner I could not possibly have them finished before Christmas. Since the new year began I have now finished two of the three. This red and white quilt is made primarily of two blocks — a rectangular log cabin and a basket block set four together. I quilted the pieced blocks with a gentle edge-2-edge design called Feathered Hearts and free motioned feathers for the border. The finished quilt measures 85″ x 105″.

border  full quilt

January 2018 – This quilt shown below was made by the same quilter who made the red and white quilt above will be a wall hanging for her quilting/sewing room.

website pic

December 2017 – Here are pictures of the last Christmas quilts of 2017. I called the client this afternoon and she was excited to run by and pick them up. They are both large throws, not really bed size quilts. One is all about bees as the quilter’s son keeps bees and the second celebrates the Rockies baseball team and is intended for her brother. The pictures show the full size of these quilts and closeups so the quilting is visible as well as the back fabrics.









for websiteDecember 2017 – The quilt shown above is pieced entirely of Kaffe Fassett fabrics. The owner intends for this quilt to be a Christmas gift for a grandson and it will be ready in plenty of time. The image also shows the quilt on the long-arm with a close up to try and show off the curly quilt pattern and multi-colored quilting thread. The last detail is a picture of the quilt back.

November 2017 – This lovely blue and white quilt is 84″ square. I am sure the owner used a jelly roll for the quilt top as I can’t think of another way to get so many blue fabrics with the same color of blue. I used a new curly ribbon pattern for the long-arm to offset the lines and diagonals.





November 2017 – Another one of my own quilts was finished this month. I have loved the traditional pattern Red Schoolhouse for a long time. I collected red fabric for a couple of years with the intention of one day piecing and quilting a queen sized quilt for my own. I drafted the pattern for a 12-1/2″ block and started piecing a few blocks at a time. The top was finally finished in early summer and like the Be My Neighbor shown below, the top sat nicely folded waiting it’s opportunity to get onto the long-arm. I quilted an A-B-C-1-2-3 pattern and finished the binding in late November.

red schoolhouse finished

November 2017 – I’ve been busy with quilting for clients and finishing two of my own quilts. Be My Neighbor was a block-of-the-month pattern from Moda during 2016. In December 2016, the entire set was available for free download … so I did. Using mostly scraps, I think background fabric, batting and backing was the only thing I purchased, I pieced the blocks during the first part of the year. The top sat nicely folded, waiting for me to have an opening on the long-arm. Then it sat until I could stitch the binding on and do the hand work in the evenings. I am pleased with the finished quilt. Thanks Moda for a fun pattern.

be my neighbor

October 2017 – I have been so busy with long-arm work, working on my own quilt projects and sewing Poppi the Troll dresses for three grand daughters that I have not stopped long enough to post much on Facebook.
mickey and minnie 2Above is a Disney character quilt made by the owner for one of her grand daughters. The 12″ quilt blocks are a crazy quilt pattern that I quilted with an over all simple stipple. The quilt measures 82″ x 83″ and employs 10 different cotton Disney themed fabrics and two non-Disney fabrics.

I can’t resist … here are the grand daughters and their Poppi the Troll dresses. From the left is Genevieve and Claire and in the photo on the right is Parker. The storm trooper is big brother Henrik.





finished Christmas treeOctober 2017 – There have been so many things grabbing for my time lately that I’ve not been working on the long-arm.

I did finally get the opportunity to put some of MY quilt tops on, and that is welcomed progress. At the left is a wall hanging that I pieced back in the 90s. The pattern came from a McCall’s quilt magazine but I cannot tell you exactly when, what the pattern name is or who the designer is. I pulled the finished top out of a drawer and planned to finish it and donate it to my local quilt guild for their upcoming boutique.

One of my daughters saw me working on the wall hanging and declared that I would NOT be giving it away. So, here it is hanging in my house to be photographed. I have already returned it to the closet to be brought out over Thanksgiving weekend to grace my home through the Christmas season.

September 2017 – The quilt below has quite a story. My friend, Karen, brought me a magazine picture and asked if I could re-figure the pattern to fit a king size bed instead of a queen. Yes, absolutely. So, I did just that. I drafted the original pattern using Adobe Illustrator and then calculated enlarging the pattern to be 110″ x 110″. Then fabric requirements and cutting layout had to be calculated. I even found where Karen could find the fabric.

The quilt is gorgeous. I free-motioned feathers in the weaves, stopping and restarting to suggest the actual weaving and filled white spaces with stippling. Karen will be applying a flange binding to finish the quilt.

for website

diamond table runnersJuly 2017 – These two table runners, shown at the right, came off the long-arm today. They were pieced by my friend Carol as a gift for her sister-in-law. They were quilted with a leaf pattern.

small quiltJuly 2017 – My daughter Beth was teaching a friend’s 11-year old daughter, Campbell, to quilt. They cut and pieced this 40″x50″ rail fence pattern (picture below) and then brought the top to me for long-arm quilting. Check the daisy quilt pattern in green thread that matches one of the rails and the back fabric. I took the scraps and pieced and quilted the small 16″x18″ quilt (shown above) for Campbell’s American Girl doll.

June 2017 – Vacation to SoCal was wonderful and did not last long enough. Back home it’s time to get back to quilting.


This queen sized quilt was pieced by my pharmacist. She tells me she made the top about 20 years ago and finally decided it was time to have it quilted and on a bed.

The pattern name is Shimmering Waters so I used an edge-2-edge pattern with gentle curves that make me think of water.

The photo at the right shows the quilt on the long arm and below the full quilt.

for website

June 2017 – These pictures were taken two days before leaving on vacation. The two quilts were pieced by a new client and quilted in edge-2-edge patterns. I should have taken close-up pictures so the designs can be seen … but hey, I was getting ready for a road-trip to SoCal. The black and white quilt is a king and the pink floral is a queen.






dresden plate for website 2May 2017 – May turned out to be a very busy long arm quilting month, that also included an 8-day road-trip to SoCal to celebrate our son’s graduation from medical school. This dresden plate quilt is sooo colorful, the photos do not do the colors justice. The quilt was custom quilted on both the long-arm and my domestic sewing machine. The petals of the plates are stitched-in-the-ditch with stippling on the poke-dot background fabric. The yellow sashings all have a slender pattern that runs from the middle of the four-patch jewel corners. The small red strip border has two straight lines throughout and the blue table-cloth check is free motion feathers. I really enjoyed working on this quilt and the owner was very pleased. dresden plate for website 1

May 2017 – This lovely quilt shown below is a 94th birthday gift for the owner’s mother. It measurers 72″ x 72″ and I did a simple edge-2-edge using a green thread that blended well with the front and the back.

finished quilt

April 2017 – My sweet friend Deannie made this log cabin quilt for her grandson Tyler. It measures 61″ x 72″. To go along with the fall colors, I chose an edge-2-edge pattern of leaves and acorns.

log cabin

pic 1March 2017 – To the right is a quilt ready to take camping. The pattern is Wrenches, the fabrics are camping themed and the back is a red flannel plaid. The edge-2-edge long-arm quilting pattern is open camp fires.

The quilt is a gift pieced by a recently retired Air Force helicopter pilot for her now retiring Air Force helicopter pilot husband. They plan to take the family camping. The first photo is of the overall twin-sized quilt and the second photo is a closeup of the pattern and backing flannel. The owner asked me to trim the quilt and stitch on the binding.

pic 2

March 2017 – The quilt below is a Christmas quilt made by my friend Sandee using fabric she scored on at the after Christmas sale at one of our local quilt shops. For the quilt top, Sandee stitched 20 – 12″ 9-patch blocks plus sashing and borders. I did a computer guided pattern of holly and curls on the body and hand guided feathers on the borders. She asked me to trim the quilt and stitch on the binding. I forgot to photograph the quilt while it was on the long arm so here it is on my Bernina. I am hoping you can see the feathers on the borders.IMG_7673

February 2017 – I’ve actually been busy quilting, just not taking the time to post. Then I realized I forgot to photograph a couple of quilts. Ugh.
Below is one of two matching baby quilts made by a sweet lady who has been a foster parent to a number of kids. These kids are now grown up and having babies of their own. These two quilts are for two of her “grand babies.” They were fun to quilt in an overall edge-2-edge pattern of stars.






dragonfly-on-longarmNovember 2016 – Such a fun dragonfly wall hanging. The owner called in June to ask for help. She came to my house and I showed her how to assemble her quilt blocks, how to measure and add the borders and how to rip the back fabric, resew and be ready for quilting. I did not know if I’d hear from her again, but that didn’t matter as she simply asked for help and I gave it to her.

full-quiltWell … she telephoned in late September and brought her finished dragonfly quilt top, batting and backing to be machine quilted. Her instructions were for me to do whatever I liked. I found a digital dragonfly pattern for the white blocks and appliquéd dragon flies and did free motion feathers for the borders. I can’t wait for her to see the finished quilt.


September 2016 – Two more baby quilts came my way this month from Jenny, one of my quilting students. These two little quilts were pieced by my student’s mother-in-law who lives in Albuquerque, NM. Jenny brought the tops to quilt class and asked if I could get them finished in time for their trip down to Albuquerque this weekend. Sure. The green quilt has roses in the large print so I quilted it with a rose pattern and the brown quilt is quilted with fall leaves.






September 2016 – This baby quilt was done by a lady for a great-grand child. She stitched the squares together and prepared for hand quilting when she injured her hand. She called and asked for help. I got the quilt finished quickly so it would be ready for the coming baby shower.






August 2016 – Lots of recent company has kept long-arm quilting at bay. I did finish a great scrap quilt today for one of my regular clients. This diamond layout is 80×90 and so many different fabric patterns I quit counting. I decided on a circular quilt pattern to offset the square corners and diamond setting. The largest picture looks funny because there was no one available to hold up the quilt so I photographed it laying over the long-arm.

website final

whole quiltJune 2016 – Above is the largest quilt I have quilted on the long arm … so far. The dimensions are 124″ x 124″. The quilt is a block-of-the-month design called The Generals’ Wives. There are 10 different star blocks, each named for the wife of a different Union or Confederate general.

on the long armThe center most block has five stars. The quilt was custom quilted employing both computer and hand guided designs. Three different thread colors were used for the top and a navy color for the back. The owner did a great job piecing and assembling the blocks, I hope the quilting enhanced her work. The quilt was put on my king-size bed to be photographed and I included a picture of the quilt on the long-arm, two close up shots and a picture of the border corners.






quiltJune 2016 – This weekend I finished the binding on the above 83″ x 93″ quilt for my guest bedroom. The fabrics came from a jelly roll. I added 1/4-yard pieces of five solids and 2-yards of the roses and cherry fabric for borders. pillow caseThe extra fabric was used for pillow cases and sun dresses for grand-daughters. I quilted an edge-2-edge pattern of roses since the fabric design included lots of roses.

closeupThe back fabric was found online and the colors could not be a better match. The fabric design includes, of course, roses.

For fun, I included a picture of the guest room where this quilt resides. bedroom wallThe photos on the wall are the women in our family for whom I have collected photos. Several date back to the early 1900s. One round frame has a photo of my great-grandmother Julia Ada Massey Jackson. The round frame with the red background holds a crocheted doily that was made by Great-grandma Ada. At the top, just left of center is a color photo of my grandmother Obie Hobbs Jackson, I am named after her. The frame with three photos located just below Grandma Obie … is me. Of course, that would be my husband and myself in the three pictures on the right of the dresser top and our three grand-daughters are on the left.

May 2016 – Below is a generous sized lap quilt that I custom quilted. A variegated blue and gray thread was used for the quilting. The quilt top is a traditional around the world pattern. It is intended as a wedding gift to the owner’s nephew.

quilt pic for website

final for website

May 2016 – Another baby quilt was finished today. The owner is my friend Karen. Can you see the butterflies in the quilt lines?

fish for website

May 2016 –  The two pictures below at the right are baby quilts.

The top quilt is a rail-fence pattern. I used a gray color thread to, hopefully, disappear in the fabric face and back. Gray was the right color.

finished for websiteThread color for the bottom quilt was more difficult to choose since the fabric colors are so opposite. I finally decided on a purple thread to disappear on the purple batik fabric and be visible on the orange, gold and green. The back fabric is the same green so the back thread is also green, to disappear.

Choosing a quilt pattern was fun. I decided on a wheat pattern I have to compliment the wheat fabric used in the center of the blocks. The purple thread disappeared on these print blocks allowing the fabric design to shine through.

full size

April 2016 – I finished this beauty above and below just a few minutes ago and took it off the rollers so I could photograph the entire quilt. It measures 94″x94″ and was custom quilted using four different colors of thread so the quilting could disappear and allow the owner’s beautiful hand embroidery, shown below, to shine through. I am delighted as to how this quilt turned out.


IMG_6503March 2016 – March has been a busy month for quilting. Here is a lovely lavender and blue queen sized quilt I used a fun leafy design on using a lavender and blue variegated thread. I tried to get a photo showing off the quilting but the thread matched the fabric colors so well it was difficult to show the quilt design. Oh well.


March 2016 – My dear friend Marilyn asked me to make a quilt for her first great-grandchild, a little girl named Gray. Gray’s mother wanted the quilt colors to be pink and gray. So I pieced a, not so little, 54″x72″ Triple Irish Chain. Since little Gray is about 15-months old, it seemed a bad idea to make a small baby quilt. I put the quilt on the long-arm and quilted it with a fun pattern 1-2-3-A-B-C. If you look at the white center squares the quilt pattern is visible. Marilyn and her husband Jim will be visiting in two weeks. They will take the quilt home to Syracuse, Kansas where they live close to their son and his wife, and their grand-daughter and her family.

March 2016 – I created two more 14″ square pillows to go with the six I made a couple of weeks ago.2 more pillows

March 2016 – In December I posted pictures of a quilt I helped create for friends who had lost their home in a terrible forest fire. The couple asked me to sew pillows for the antique bench that sits along side the quilt now hanging in their home. I took extra blocks from the original quilt, sewed them together and then put them on the long arm to quilt the same pattern used on the quilt. Other pillows were machine quilted on my domestic sewing machine. Two are 16″ square and four are 14″ square. All use scraps of fabrics used in the quilt.

all pillows 3

February 2016 – I have had a busy teaching schedule and not much time for quilting. The quilt below is a retirement gift from the owner to her son who will be retiring after a career as a naval aviator. She picked the individual block patterns and used a collection of red, white and blue fabrics with U.S. Navy emblems and pictures. The overall quilt design is curls and swirls to represent the ocean waters.


January 2016 – The quilt below features roses from a jelly roll fabric set. The quilt was chine quilted with a pattern called Greek Key. It came out really beautiful. The owner asked me to trim the quilt and stitch the dark green binding onto the top ready for her to hand stitch it into place.

pink rose jelly roll

December 2015 – The quilt below is a t-shirt quilt. The top, batting and backing quilted beautifully. I also quilted two quilts using fleece as the batting/backing. A photograph would not show off the work, but they both quilted easily.


websiteNovember 22, 2015 – This beautiful queen size quilt shown left consists of 12 – 18″ square cross-stitch pieces sewn together with pink and lavender sashing and borders. The cross-stitch work is beautiful and perfect.

The cross-stitch blocks were individually quilted by computer with a large pattern using white 2-ply quilting thread.

The sashing is quilted with hand guided feathers. The outer borders are quilted with basic stippling.

The owner asked for me to trim the quilt and sew on the binding.

Too bad the picture doesn’t show off the long-arm quilting.

October 11, 2015 was the date of my niece Amanda’s wedding in Oxnard, CA. I had the opportunity to attend along with my two daughters, Beth and Julie. I pieced and quilted a king-size quilt for Amanda and Ken and was able to personally give the quilt to Amanda during the reception. The quilt blocks are Log Cabin set in Court House Steps. Traditionally the center square of a log cabin block is to be red or yellow to symbolize warmth in the hearth of the home. Most of the blocks have a red satin center square. The center most set of Log Cabin blocks have two gold satin center squares for Amanda and Ken. There are five randomly placed gold satin squares for Amanda’s five kids. The quilt was machine pieced and long-arm quilted by myself. The long-arm quilt patterns are feathers. The cream areas are quilted with a cream thread and the black rows are quilted with black thread.

Congratulations to Amanda and Ken, may you have many happy years together. Love, Aunt Karen

image for website

sandy hawman jelly roll

Sept 18, 2015 – The colorful quilt above was pieced together using a manufacturer’s “Jelly Roll.” Jelly Rolls are an invention where the manufacturer can sell a small piece of fabric from the dozens in their product line. Fabric stores rarely carry the complete product line of any single manufacturer. With a Jelly Roll the customer gets a wider variety of complimentary fabrics. I like Jelly Rolls! The quilt owner asked me to trim the quilt and sew on the binding. She will tack the binding down at home.

Sept 10, 2015 – The bed sized quilt below is a log cabin with the blocks stitched in court house steps. The quilting pattern is a “Greek Key” pattern set edge-2-edge. The image of the back is enlarged to show off the quilting. The over all colors seem perfect for the fall season.

janies log cabin

Rachel nauticalSeptember 2015 – The fabrics in the quilt above have a nautical theme. The owner wanted a nautical theme edge-2-edge quilting pattern and asked me to use red thread. The actual pattern is Bethlehem Star.

September 2015 – The quilt below was finished and taken off the long arm about half an hour ago. The fabrics are all Halloween in theme. The back fabric is a tone-on-tone purple and the quilting thread is a matching purple. The quilt edge-2-edge pattern is stars and loops.

Carla halloween

P1030096August 2015 – Above is a fun quilt for a young lady heading to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in California. Her mom made the twin sized quilt a bit larger to accommodate the extra long twin beds in most college dorms. The colors of the triangle pieces on the front were picked to match the colors on the beautiful back fabric. After quilting an edge-2-edge feathered heart pattern, I stitched on the turquoise binding to finish the quilt.

Genevieve and her quilt 2July 2015 – Pictured above is our youngest grand daughter, Genevieve Frances Glazener, laying on the quilt I pieced and quilted for her. I found the pattern in a quilt magazine and decided it would be fun to make. The pattern consisted of appliqué, paper piecing and regular piecing. It was machine quilted on my domestic Bernina sewing machine.

picture 1August 2015 – The blue and lavender Rail Fence quilt above is queen sized. The image shows the overall pattern, the quilt loaded on the long arm, and an image taken at an angle to try and highlight the butterfly quilting design.

picture 2The photo right is the back of the same quilt. The batik fabric included a black butterfly design that prompted the butterfly quilting design. The quilt owner asked for the thread to be as close in color as the fabric to melt into the fabric. We accomplished that goal.

July 2015 – The 57″ x 57″ quilt, shown below, was quilted quickly with a feathered heart edge-2-edge pattern. An off-white thread was choses because it would disappear in the off-white block components of the nine-patch stars.

star nine patch

June 2015 – The colorful king sized quilt, below, belongs to my friend Gayle. She and two other of her friends created all the blocks and assembled the quilt top. My contribution is the long-arm quilting employing both computer guided roses in the center of the off-white blocks and hand guided quilting through the nine-patch and triangular blocks. The image shows most of the quilt lying across the long-arm frame, the back, and a close-up of one of the roses.

final quilt

The double wedding ring quilt below measures 122″ x 122″. The owner pieced it as a wedding gift for a friend. She told me the bride’s favorite color is peach and the groom’s favorite color is blue. Both computer guided and hand guided patterns were used in the long arm quilting.

dbl wedding ring

bow tie baby quilt

The quilt above is a simple baby quilt quilted with an ABC-123 edge to edge pattern.

The quilt below measures 105″ x 105″. The sashing and border are unusual as the fabric is bridal satin. The quilter had trouble controlling the satin but it quilted beautifully. A large needle was necessary to keep the satin from breaking the thread, but the finished quilt turned out very nice. The owner planned to do the binding but called and asked if she could bring the quilt back for me to finish … sure I told her.

blue satin

Rachel 30s fabric

The beautiful quilt above is laying across my king size bed so it could be photographed. The colorful quilt is a block-of-the-month design. Quilting is done both as hand guided and computer guided. The primary blocks are individually quilted with different designs. The photograph does not do a good job of high lighting the different quilting patterns.

Rachel green yellow purple kingApr 10, 2015 – Above is a large king size quilt I finished this week. (I decided I better start putting dates to clarify when “this week” might be.) The quilt measures 110″ x 110″. The image here does not do justice to the vibrant colors. This is such a pretty quilt. The quilt is laying across the long arm frame so it may appear distorted. At the bottom are close ups of the quilting on both the front and the back.

Shown below is a king size quilt measuring 90″ x 104″. Pictured in the front left corner is a close up of the center medallion. The quilt has wide bands that would have looked great with feathers but the owner wanted an all-over edge-2-edge design.

wild animal print king

for websiteAbove is a queen sized quilt created for the owner’s father. It was quilted with an edge to edge design. I tried to photograph both the front and back up close to show off the quilting, but the thread color seemed to disappear against the fabric colors, which, of course, was the object of choosing that particular thread color. I did a lovely baby quilt for the same client, but forgot to photograph it before she took it home.

christmas topper finalThe Christmas table topper above was quick to quilt with meandering stars. The traditional pattern is Hunter’s Star and was pieced by my friend Karen. We go to the quilt shows in Denver together along with our friend Gayle, and of course lunch is always part of the fun.

jungle baby quilt final

The jungle theme baby quilt was fun to quilt with hand-guided leaves. The owner did a fabulous job with her embroidery work. The leaves compliment the jungle theme of both the front embroidery work and the back fabric. The owner asked me to do the finish work of adding the binding.

kitty quilt for Claire

The little quilt above was created for my granddaughter Claire. It’s ready to be trimmed and the binding added.

She will not get to have it until I see her this summer. Until then, I will take it with me when I visit local quilt shops and guilds as an example of my work. The kitty fabric was left over from a jumper I sewed for her birthday in January.

antique quilt

Above is an antique quilt I just finished. It came with a number of challenges: a sheet for back fabric, polyester craft batting and tiny worn pieces in need of repair. Working with the owner, I decided to use the sheet and polyester batting. She commissioned me to make all repairs before beginning to quilt and to add the binding when finished. It was necessary to run the long-arm at the slowest speed and use my fingers to control the fabric as the hopping foot stitched. In the end, the quilt came out quite well.

P1020820Bear Paw had a booth at the November 2014 Christmas Expo sponsored by our local Christian radio station 102.7. A great number of ladies stopped by and requested contact information for long arm quilting services.
sheep for website

This adorable lone sheep baby quilt was pieced by a friend and free-motion quilted by me.

Her grandson was born 2-days after our newest grand daughter.

bright colored quiltThe colorful 38″ x 60″ quilt top, above, was created to show off custom quilting. Each block was individually set for quilting. Variegated thread was used and the colors changed according to the color of the block to be quilted.

The first quilt completed on my TinLizzie18 Ansley26 is the Bug Jar quilt, shown below, that I made for my grandson Henrik. It measures 39″ x 56″ inches. Since the quilt top employs a lot of black fabric, I decided to add a dark back fabric and use black batting and black thread for quilting. Notice the even stitching both front and back. The quilt is ready for trimming and the binding.

bug jar sample

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